PARKING: Spectator lot)left side of dragstrip, behind grandstands) parking is free. You assume all risks of theft and damage while parking at Sacramento Raceway.
Pit area parking is reserved for racer’s trailer, tow vehicle only. DO NOT park passenger vehicles in the racer pit area.  If you purchase an additional pit area parking decal you must park in the south pits (on the right side of the dragstrip, behind the stands)
INSIDE FOOD & BEVERAGE:  Redding Motorsports Park contracts with a restaurant certified vendor as well as Food Trucks to sell food, drinks and beer.
OUTSIDE FOOD & BEVERAGE: Briquette BBQ’s and glass containers are prohibited on-site.
OVERNIGHT CAMPING:  Dry camping only. Hook ups, water, sewage dump or electrical are not provided.
RACING FUEL: Sold at the track.
PAYOUTS: All event payouts are done at the end of the event. Bring your 1099 info sheet so you can pick up your winnings immediately. If you do not pick up your winnings on race nite you can be mailed a check after we receive your 1099 info sheet.
Weapons, Drugs, glass bottles or glass containers.
CHILDREN:  children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the restricted areas, with the exception of remaining in the enclosed cab of the tow vehicle and with an adult at all times, while in the restricted areas.
STARTING LINE: DO NOT park your tow rig in front of the spectator viewing area or in front of the safety truck.  Please stop your tow rig next to the tower or behind the safety truck.  No more than 4 crew members are allowed on the starting line at any one time.  Non-essential crew members must remain in the tow vehicle or behind the yellow lines.  All crew must exit starting line immediately after their driver’s run to allow the next racer and their crew sufficient room.
TOW VEHICLES:  All tow vehicles must stop prior to the water box area.  Do Not Park in front of spectators standing in front of the tower or along the fence line.
SMOKING: Absolutely no smoking allowed in the staging lanes or starting line areas.Section 118885 of the California Health and Safety Code prohibit smoking of tobacco in public places where a gathering is in progress.
PETS:  It is best to leave your pet at home due to the loud noises drag racing creates.  However, dogs weighing less than 20 lbs. are permitted at Sacramento Raceway and must be leashed at all times.  Naturally aggressive dogs (pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepard, etc.) must wear a muzzle at all times.  This is to protect you and other patrons in the event your pet has a bad reaction to their surroundings and the noise. All pet waste must be removed immediately or you and your pet will escorted out.
RESTRICTED AREA:  include staging lanes, starting line, return roads, in front of tower, push car road, racing surface.
PHOTOGRAPHS: Insurance only allows 5 photographers in the restricted area therefore, ONLY Hard Card photographers are allowed in the restricted area (beyond the red line, starting line, spectator side of drag strip, push road, top end, etc) If your crew member is found taking photographs in this area they will be asked to leave the facility. You can contact one of our track photographers to obtain photographs of your car.  Contact list