Gene’s Burgers Menu

Original Gene’s Double Cheeseburger: $9
Don’t Change A Thing
Two seasoned Cattleman’s hamburger patties
shredded iceburg lettuce
Gene’s secret sauce…shhhhhh
plus Two slices of American Cheese
and a Dab of Red Relish on an American bun

French Fries: $5
Loaded French Fries: $9
Loaded Nachos: $9
Bowl of Chili: $5

Candy Bar: $2
Chip bag: $2

Soda: $3
Water Bottle: $2
Lemonade: $3
Energy drink: $4
Beer: $5
Seltzer: $5

Drag Dog: $7
(1/4 lb. All beef hot dog loaded with chili, jalapenos and cheese on a bun

Street Dog: $5
(1/4 lb. All beef hot dog naked – you dress at the the condiment bar)

Corn Dog: $5
(corn battered 1/8 lb. hot dog on a stick)

Hand Dipped Corn Dog: $10
(Only available during big events)